Does Teeth Whitening Hurt?
Posted on 05/10/2024

Getting rid of common tooth stains or just wanting a brighter smile is common these days. Whether we find ourselves interacting with others or want to take a better picture, sometimes a wide smile makes the difference. While there are many products available over the counter, seeing a licensed dentist offers you more benefits. Having a Hollywood smile is nice but having a Henrico dentist care for your teeth and gums is the best.

What Happens When I Get My Teeth Whitened by a Henrico Dentist?

At-home teeth whitening kits and professional dental services are pretty much the same concept. Besides costs, the differences are the strength of the ingredients used like carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. Overall, the results that come from a kit take longer to get the desired shade of whiteness. However, not all dental whitening products are recommended for all teeth.

Are Teeth Whitening Products Supposed to Hurt?

Long answer short, no. However, there are instances where there may be some tooth sensitivity. Depending on the condition of your teeth, this may be a temporary thing but the best way to tell is by visiting a Short Pump cosmetic dentist today.

Can Teeth Whitening Kits Cause Less Harm than Professional Services?

While it takes longer for at-home kits to achieve the desired whiteness, they also have shorter results. This means the applications will have to be applied more often for a consistent look. One advantage to having your teeth whitened by a licensed dentist is they often use products that combat tooth sensitivity.

Are Teeth Whitening Products Harmful?

When treatments are done by a Henrico dentist, the risk of damaging your tooth’s enamel is minimal, if at all. A recent study showed that hydrogen peroxide can cause damage to teeth over time. This test was conducted on live teeth and an over-the-counter gel strip was used in this study. While the damage was minimal, this can still compromise your teeth’s health as you age. Regular dental care is essential to health as we age, especially if you use tobacco products or have an imbalanced diet.

If you’re tired of hiding your dull or yellow-stained teeth, the team at Short Pump Dental can help. We use the Philips Zoom NiteWhite Maximum Smile treatment that allows you flexibility with fast results. Our experienced dentists are also here to address any other cosmetic or general dentistry needs you or your family may have. Schedule a complimentary consultation or send an online inquiry today.