Signs Your Dental Crown Needs to Be Replaced
Posted on 04/10/2024
Dental crowns help protect and preserve the teeth they cover. Unfortunately, dental crowns do not always last indefinitely. If you need a replacement crown, you might want to know when the best time is to replace it. Short Pump Dental crowns teeth and replaces those crowns as it comes time to replace them. When you need a crown replacement, Short Pump Dental can help.

You Have Worn the Crown Down

Patients who grind their teeth in their sleep find that they wear out their crowns a lot faster than other patients do. The crown will show signs of thinned material, revealing small areas of the original stump of the tooth under the crown. If your dentist can see even the tiniest part of your real tooth through the crown, the crown needs to be replaced. It will not last much longer once the original tooth begins showing through.

A Cavity Is Forming and Visible

A cavity absolutely can form in a crowned tooth. You may have noticed some tooth sensitivity when eating or chewing that seems to be emanating from your crowned tooth. Your dentist can confirm that there is a cavity in the crown via an exam and a dental x-ray. Short Pump Dental crowns are regularly monitored during semi-annual dental hygiene appointments for cavities.

The Crown Is Loose or Damaged

If the crown is cracked, chipped, missing a piece, or is just loose, the crown has to be replaced. The tooth stub under the crown no longer has any enamel of its own. That means that it is susceptible to sugar, cavities, heat, and cold effects if the crown is loose or damaged.

Replacing the Crown

It isn't difficult to replace your crown. It's essentially the same process you had done when you got the first crown. Once the new crown is ready your dentist will place it over the tooth and you're all set.

Other Services Offered by Short Pump Dental

Besides crowns, Short Pump Dental offers many of the usual dental services you would receive in an exam or tooth restoration. If you are missing teeth, dental implants can restore your smile. The dental crowns are done there the same day with their state-of-the-art crown mill. 

Short Pump Dental can do root canals, bridges, and tooth removal in preparation for implants or dentures. Patients who have been going to Short Pump Dental can talk to the dentists to see how and when they can schedule these advanced dental services. New patients will have to establish themselves as patients first before requesting crowns, root canals, etc.

Contact Short Pump Dental to set up an appointment for any dental services.