Why Teeth Whitening Is the Perfect Gift Idea
Posted on 11/28/2022

A beautiful smile makes a great first impression, and whiter teeth register instantly with everyone you meet. Professional teeth whitening at the dentist is easy, affordable and a perfect gift for someone you love, perhaps a student ready for job interviews, or anyone looking for a boost in confidence.

At Short Pump Dental, our cosmetic dentist in Henrico can answer questions about tooth whitening. Short Pump dental implants offer still more options.

Whiter Teeth Make a Strong Impression

These days, it's not just celebrities who show sparkling white smiles. A 2008 study by the British Dental Journal found that people make judgments, positive or negative, based on tooth appearance and whiteness. Whiter teeth can influence the outcome for job candidates, or even those seeking dates or friendship.

Why do Teeth Discolor

The most common causes of tooth stains include smoking, drinking coffee and tea, and wine or cola. Even with regular brushing and flossing, teeth will discolor over time when exposed to dark-colored substances. Some medicines, genetics, and just plain aging will also discolor teeth over time.

Dental Tooth Whitening

While at-home bleaching kits are available, having it done by a professional is comfortable, affordable, and effective. You'll get a checkup and evaluation while the dentist considers the treatment plan. Your dentist will likely use a stronger solution than the peroxide an at-home kit would provide. The dental treatment may also use a light or laser to activate the results. The treatment will last from six months to a couple of years, depending on the discoloration.

Bonus: Better Dental Health

While you're getting your teeth whitened, you'll also have a checkup and cleaning. Healthy teeth are important to overall health, so it's not all about beauty. Fillings for cavities, or replacement of missing teeth, also enhance health as they shape a better smile. Short Pump dental implants may be an option for some patients. 

As you give your loved one the gift of tooth whitening, you're giving them a bonus of confidence and better overall health. Check with our cosmetic dentist in Henrico, VA, for pricing and to answer any questions.