Dental Implants in the Dominican Republic
Posted on 01/20/2017

Dental Implants in the Dominican Republic

Dental Implants as a Treatment

Everyone, and we mean everyone deserves and nice smile. The ability to greet a loved one, show brimming joy, or even just take a nice picture, without having to worry about your smile, is something that every dentist wishes for all people, regardless of race, gender, or income level. And with today's advances in technology and treatment plans, dental implants, along with other smile makeover treatments, we are closer to that ideal than ever before.

There once was a time when dental implants were thought of as a more radical treatment, with costs that far outweighed the benefits. But over time, the process has been greatly refined, and the treatment that once costed an arm and a leg for a tooth, is suddenly within reach and provided by most general and cosmetic dentists. Short Pump Dental has been offering dental implants as a service to patients for the past 25 years!

Furthermore, with American dental insurance plans covering more than they have ever before in history, suddenly an influx of Americans can now afford this dental treatment, and are signing up for implants.

Dental Implants in the Dominican Republic

Now we've just spent the beginning portion of this piece talking about how most Americans can obtain this dental treatment more readily than before. But sadly this is not necessarily the case for everyone. Those who live in other countries around the globe can find themselves without the financial means or access to receive dental implant treatment. Keep in mind, we aren't just talking about third world countries here, those with thriving economies and governments can also see a lack of emphasis on dental care as well. This is where Short Pump Dental came in, aiming to do something about this, even if it is only a small step in the grand scheme of things.

This past November, Dr. Lucas provided implants for residents of the Dominican Republic. Here are some photos from his time spent there, treating the people, and spending time with the locals.

IMG_3673.jpgDental Implant Treatment


As you can see from the images above, it was an absolutely incredible experience for Dr. Lucas. He was able to provide quality care for the good people residing in the Dominican Republic, and this is surely a trip he won't forget.

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