How to Clean and Take Care of Dental Implants
Posted on 03/11/2024

Dental implants are unique in that they are permanent additions to your mouth that look just like real teeth. Many patients who visit us for their  dental implants ask how to take care of them . From the moment after surgery until ten years or more later, care looks a little different at each stage. However, Short Pump Dental ensures every patient that the level of care is no more or less than with the natural teeth everyone has.

Care for Brand New Short Pump Dental Implants

Right after the implant placement you will need to be very gentle with your gums. An extra soft bristle brush is needed to brush lightly around the implant. Your neighboring teeth also need to be brushed lightly to avoid accidental rough brushing around the surgical site.

As the gum tissue heals and no longer feels pain or bleeds, you can brush a little harder, but not too hard. This keeps the gum tissue clean and free of infection, prepping these areas for the next step of the Short Pump dental implants.

Fitting the Crowns

What you see when your implants are complete are the crowns that are set on top of your abutments. They may need some gentle shaping by the dentist to allow for floss to glide in between. Then the implants look and act just like your natural teeth.

Brush and Floss as Usual

To keep the implants looking their best, brush them just as you would your natural teeth. After a while, you may not even think about the fact that you are brushing implants. Floss around them too as this helps keep the gum tissue and neighboring natural teeth in good health. You never have to do anything special to care for the implants beyond making sure your gums remain healthy

A Special Care Note for Dental Implant Dentures

Some patients, rather than getting a full mouth of dental implants, opt for a removable denture secured by a few implant. This is very different than a mouth with many individual dental implants. The denture plate has four snap-on areas that fit with the implant abutment.

Your removable denture pops out to sit and soak like the normal dentures. Your gums with the abutment exposed should be brushed to keep the gums healthy and strong. Brush the denture where it fits the abutment screws to keep these areas free of food debris.

Other Dental Services Offered by Short Pump Dental

Cosmetic procedures designed to help you keep the teeth you have and improve your smile for the teeth you don't are available. Schedule a consultation with Short Pump Dental today.