Every parent should know about the treatments that pediatric dentists provide
Posted on 05/13/2022

Short Pump Dental provides family dentistry services to the Henrico, Richmond, and Tuckahoe, VA areas. Keeping up on regular check-ups and cleanings can go a long way toward a long-lasting healthy smile. Our dentists work with patients of all ages to create lifelong habits that will keep your oral health in great condition.

When should my child start visiting Short Pump Dental?

Children should first come to their Short Pump Dental office around age one. Screenings can begin, and we can detect any potential issues early. If there are any problems, early treatment can help avoid more complicated issues later. It’s important to us that every parent knows about the pediatric treatments that dentists can provide.

When treatments can my child receive at Short Pump Dental?

Let’s dive into the pediatric treatments we can provide:

  • Cleanings & Exams: Just as with adults, children should have exams and cleanings every 6 months. Exams are imperative to long-term oral health and prevention.
  • Protectant: We can apply sealants to your child’s teeth. Sealants are a clear material applied to molars that provide a barrier to bacteria. To also help protect their teeth, we will recommend a proper mouthguard for sports and other physical activities.
  • Fluoride: Fluoride treatments increase the strength of your child’s teeth, making them that much more resistant to acid, bacteria, and, therefore, decay.
  • Prevention: Our dentists will monitor your child’s tooth progression, keeping an eye out for signs of more complicated issues. This might include overcrowding, in which case it might be recommended to seek out early orthodontic care. When early dental problems are ignored it can lead to speech issues, jaw pain, misaligned teeth, and more.
  • Repair: If your child ends up with a cavity or other dental problem, we can treat that! We can provide all the basic treatments for children as we do for adults..
  • Emergencies: Hey, things happen! Kids are bundles of energy who are prone to accidents. If one of those accidents happens to involve a tooth, your Short Pump Dental office can be of assistance.
  • Advising: During exams, we will look for poor habits that are of concern, such as poor oral hygiene or thumb-sucking. We will advise parents about the habits, the negative aspect of continuing, and tips for sidelining the behavior.

Get your child started young at their Short Pump dental office

The importance of early dental care can’t be overstated. Beginning early will make your child more comfortable at the dentist’s, create healthier habits, and nip any problems in the bud. If you live in the Henrico, Richmond, and Tuckahoe, VA areas and your child is ready for their first exam, please schedule an appointment. We will make sure they have a great first experience!