What To Do if a Tooth Falls Out
Posted on 08/20/2018

When a tooth falls out unexpectedly, it can be quite a shock. Dentists in Tuckahoe, Glen Allen and Short Pump commonly treat adults for missing teeth. Tooth loss can occur as the result of an injury, decay in the root or periodontal disease. If unexpected tooth loss happens to you, it’s important to take the following steps:

Carefully Recover the Tooth

Whether your tooth falls out during dinner or while you’re brushing your teeth, it’s important to recover it as carefully as possible. Short Pump family dentists recommend that you only grab the crown of the tooth (the part that shows above the gums). This will help you avoid damaging the root.

Clean the Tooth

Gently rinse blood and debris from the tooth with a solution of water, sterile saline or milk. Never attempt to scrub the tooth clean.

Attempt to Reinsert the Tooth

If possible, try to reinsert the tooth into your empty tooth socket. Be careful to keep the tooth sterile. Bite down gently on a piece of soft fabric or gauze to keep the tooth in place while you wait to see your Glen Allen dentists for treatment.

Preserve Your Tooth

If you can’t successfully reinsert the tooth, place it carefully in a saline solution or a glass of milk. Water won’t preserve the tooth effectively. You can also place the tooth between your gums and cheek if you don’t have access to milk or saline.

Schedule an Emergency Dental Visit

Short Pump dentists often offer emergency dental visits for tooth loss and other situations. Schedule your emergency appointment immediately for best results. If there are no Short Pump, Glen Allen or Tuckahoe family dentists available, take your tooth with you to the emergency room.

Book an emergency dental appointment with Short Pump Dental by contacting us.