Does It Hurt to Get Veneers?
Posted on 12/10/2023

Veneers are cosmetic applications that adhere to the fronts of your teeth. People who are wondering if these things hurt are surprised to learn that there really isn't any pain involved at all. At Short Pump Dental, veneers are one of the many expertly done dental services you can request.

The Services of General Dentists in Henrico

A Henrico cosmetic dentist is who you should see if you want something like veneers. If you have never seen a dental veneer, think about a press-on nail. A dental veneer is a lot like that in that it is thin, slightly hard, and requires an adhesive to stick like a press-on nail. Different veneer sizes and shapes are made for different teeth and are often applied to just the visible teeth you have when you smile.

How Veneers Are Applied

While it is true that the Henrico cosmetic dentist has to sand and create slight grooves in the natural teeth to prepare for veneers, your natural teeth won't really feel this. The slight grooving never touches the inner part of a tooth or the nerves of the tooth. The purpose of the grooving step is to create micro-channels for the dental adhesive so that the veneers will bond better to the natural teeth.

Shaping the Veneers

Veneers need shaping to fit in your mouth perfectly. Most of the time the dentist will position the veneers on the teeth and look for any fit issues before cementing the veneers in place. Then the veneers are shaped outside the mouth before bonding them in your mouth. Any shaping that may be needed after they are bonded in place is minimal, and that doesn't hurt either.

Porcelain Veneers Are Best

There are a couple of different types of veneers, but overall your money should buy the porcelain type. They resist stains much better and last much longer than any other type. If you are going to pay out of pocket for a cosmetic application like veneers, you should buy what lasts, and that would be the porcelain veneers. The other types have to be replaced much more often, costing more money over the years to come.

Not All General Dentists in Henrico Do Cosmetic Procedures
Not all dentists can do cosmetic procedures, although all cosmetic dentists can do general dentistry. If you want a one-size-fits-all dentist for both general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry, contact Short Pump Dental today to schedule your initial appointment.