Can dental crowns last a lifetime?
Posted on 04/09/2023

If you're about to get a dental crown, you are probably wondering if the crown will outlive your natural tooth. You may even be asking if the crown will last you the rest of your life. Short Pump Dental understands that you have questions and concerns about getting a dental crown. Ask away when you schedule your appointment with Short Pump Dental today.

Lots of Factors Involved

There are several factors involved when it comes to answering the question of how long a crown lasts. The first factor has to do with the age of the patient. A crown will not last 70 years if the patient is in their 20s. Typically, the best dental crowns will last 30 or so years, and that's with great oral hygiene.

The next factor has to do with oral hygiene. Someone who brushes and flosses twice a day can help the underlying tooth last a long time, which in turn helps the crown last longer. Cavities and gum disease can impact the lasting ability of the crowned tooth, forcing its removal or replacement.

Another factor is the material with which the crown is made. Resin, the least expensive of dental crown materials, does not last as long as porcelain or porcelain over another material. The longest-lasting dental crowns contain surgical steel cores or have hard porcelain shells over resin. Be sure to ask your dentist which crown material will last the longest.

A final factor has to do with your bite alignment and bruxism. If you grind your teeth at night and/or your teeth are not properly aligned, the crown will not last as long. It will take several hundred pounds per square inch of clenching and grinding your jaw every night to cause a fracture. Misaligned teeth can cause chipping of the crown, too.

The Perfect Storm of Factors

In short, a crown can't last a lifetime, but under perfect conditions, it can last a very long time. Start with healthy gums and keep up brushing and flossing. Choose the most durable and longest-lasting crown materials, even if it means paying extra. If you grind your teeth at night, get and wear a mouthguard at night, every night, to protect the crown and the rest of your teeth.

For more tips and helpful information to extend the life of your dental crown, ask your dentist at Short Pump Dental.